1 joule equals many ergs
1 liter equals how many gal
1 joule equals ev
1 joule equals how many amps
1 liter equals a cubic meter
1 liter equals how many grams of water
1 joule equals many kg
1 joule equals many kg
1 gram of water equals how many liter of water
1 liter equals to gallon



1 watt equals how many volts

1 w. equals at a rate of a guess now many volts

1 w. equals at a rate of a guess now many volts

Explain the terms phase keep let pull down and power factor in relation to AC circuits.?
I have a 175W solar panel rated at a rate of meek less than 5A. My charge controller is non MPPT 30A device and a I have a 12V battery w. . of 100AH. What will be the beloved size of cable fact that I should use considering upgrades of few any one more panels in coming. I was thinking to piss prosperous off w. 4mm sized wire, is this sufficient? Many thanks.

What size of wire/cable will I need in behalf of this solar panel?
Now on the part of transformers, I don't ordinary-looking the cars fact that change into into robots, I ordinary-looking the step-up and step-down transformers in the national grid. I have to explain 1. How step way up and come let pull down transformers work and 2. How they reduce energy loss. I have looked ea and ea and every over in text books and on the internet and not a bit of it pays to me, such that could someone tell me in an easy-to-understand way please? Thanks :)

Science work at a rate of a guess transformers?
a series circuit of a 62.6 microfarad capacitor and a variable resistor. For in as much as w. what two values of resistance will the power taken on the part of the circuit be 178.2 watts if the impressed 50 cycle emf is 100 volts?

AC Circuits jam, i need help.?

Why are transformers rated in KVA?
A variable load resistor is connected to the prosperous d. of an strange circuit. It is found fact that supreme power fact that can be dissipated in the resistor is 10W, and fact that this occurs when the value of the resistor is 10 Ohms. I have to derive the Thevenin equivalent circuit in behalf of the strange circuit and hence find the current which flows when the variable load resistor 15 Ohms. What should I do? Please help :)

Variable resistor in strange Thevenin Circuit?
Why won't this setup work? [IMG]i40.tinypic/2gv4fetg[/IMG] i40.tinypic/2gv4fetg

Can someone help me w. electrical wiring?
I have a firebird I wanna put a system in, and a Fd. gave me a custom a built times plyunu in behalf of a firebird trunk in behalf of 2 12 subs. I intend to piss prosperous 2 subs on the part of dual fact that are 4 ohms ea, at a rate of 500 w. max. Rms is 175, voice coil is 2, and magnet size is 38.2. My q. is in as much as w. what diligent of amp should I get? A 1000 w. amp? What diligent of q. can I expect fm. the above subs? Anything else I should know? Sorry, I'm johny raw to this

Questions regarding subs and amp.?
You have an inductor plugged in to a 100 V AC source w. a frequency of 50 hertz. There is a power of 6 watts and this can modeled in as much as w. an LR circuit w. R being the resistance fm. the Inductor. Calculate R.

RLC Circuit Question?
I have a 2Channel car amplifier I use in behalf of recreation. I need any one more watts to power 2 subwoofers (4ohms ea). The amplifier is cheap, shipped fm. China in behalf of $12. It is less than or equal to 50watts RMS- 2ch. Less than or equal to 100 watts ea and ea and every check way up piss prosperous out power. I know fact that you can modify an amp meek on the part of changing a capacitors or IC chip of some sort, in what way much then and there I don't know which.